Park Lane Jewelry – Why I Got Started

The Park Lane Jewelry opportunity could not have found me at a better time.  It was June 2023, my husband was committed to working three hours away Monday through Friday and my daughter would be off to college in just two short months.  I needed something purposeful to occupy the alone time that was soon coming that would also bring me joy and some extra income.  I had left another jewelry company not long before because I was not in love with the products and I found the business model difficult.  I was entertaining going into the wellness niche, but Park Lane Jewelry got my attention and I’m excited to tell you why.

Park Lane Jewelry Treats Customers with Love:

The Customer Sale:  When you purchase 2 full price items, you automatically earn the ability to get up to 4 items at half price.  And….. it is the more expensive items in your cart that are going to be half off!  In other words, the 2 items for which you pay full price are the less expensive items and the ones that are half off are the more expensive items.

The Customer Bonus Program:  When you spend $90 net (this includes full and half price items), you unlock the ability to purchase any item valued at up to $200 for just $30.   This element of the Customer Sale is available all the time!  Sometimes, Park Lane Jewelry will sweeten the pot and  offer two bonus items, and other times there may be a free item offered valued up to $100.  Other times, they may reduce the Customer bonus qualification to just $60.

Free Shipping:  You will automatically receive free shipping when you purchase $90 net (full and half price items.)  At times, Park Lane Jewelry will show you even more love and lower the free shipping qualification to just $60 net.  However, you can always expect free shipping with $90 net.  This customer perk is available all the time.

The Unconditional Guarantee:  If you are unhappy with your jewelry or if you break your jewelry, Park Lane Jewelry is going to take care of you with exchanges and replacements to the best of their ability with no questions asked.  Learn more about the details of the unconditional guarantee here!  Hostesses with an Amazing 4-Part Hostess Rewards Program:

Hostesses Get Spoiled with a 4-Part Hostess Rewards Program:

  1. Free Shopping:  As a hostess, you receive $20 shopping credit per order. CREDIT DOUBLES (per order) to $40 with 10 or more orders.  The amount of each order is irrelevant… every order counts $20 in shopping credit or $40 in hostess credit for shows that have ten orders or more.
  2. A Hostess “Thank You”:  You can Select any item valued up to $200 for
    only $30.
  3. Up to Four Items at 50% Off: You may purchase up to four items at half price on top of your free shopping credit.
  4. Extra Thanks:  As a Park Lane Jewelry hostess, you may purchase an additional “Thank You” for each qualified Style Show booked from your show, when held.

Park Lane Offers an Incredible Business Opportunity:

The Obvious: Jewelry is fun and simple!  So many people love it!  Park Lane’s Jewelry is so trendy, classy and gorgeous it sells itself. It is 100% lead & nickel free and totally hypoallergenic.   I also love that Park Lane Jewelry is a family owned business that has been in existence since 1955 and its totally debt free!

Getting Started is Easy and Affordable:  There are 3 starter kits available.

The Basic Kit:  Pay $99 & get $500 in jewelry of your choice! Jewelry is packaged in Park Lane logo boxes.  This is a $600 value for just $99!

The Business Kit:  Pay $229 & get $1,000 in jewelry of your choice! Jewelry is packaged in Park Lane logo rollers.  This is an $1100 value for just $229!

The Boss Kit:  Pay $439 & get $2,000 in jewelry of your choice! Jewelry is packaged in Park Lane logo rollers.  This is a $2100 value for just $439.  I went for this one!

More Reasons to Become a Park Lane Jewelry Stylist:

A Flexible Business:  You work your business how and when you want to work it!  You can do it part-time or full-time.  You can do live shows online, you can do home shows, you can do vendor events, you can simply send people to your website or walk around sharing catalogues.  It all works…you just do what works for you! 

 A Lucrative Compensation Plan:  All brand new Park Lane Jewelry Stylists start off at 30% commission.  You can earn as much as 50% commission and many other bonuses as you build a team and move up in rank.  Once you achieve a rank, you stay there….there is no starting over at zero at the beginning of every month.  Go here to learn more about the Park Lane Jewelry compensation plan.  

Earn Free Jewelry with Our Rich Rewards Program:  Park Lane Jewelry makes it easy for your as a stylist to accumulate all the jewelry you want to wear and show by allowing you to earn it for free for simply working your business.  You do not need to come heavily out of pocket! The details of our Rich Rewards Program are in the image below!

Park Lane Jewelry Rich Rewards

And Wait…There’s More!

A Mercedes Car Program:  Park Lane Jewelry Stylists have the ability to earn a Provide Park Lane with the lease documents for your white Mercedes car & your monthly MCP bonus will be $700.  If you elect not to obtain a Mercedes, you can still receive a monthly cash bonus of $500 to use at your discretion.

Park Lane Jewelry Mercedes Car Program


The Direct Appoint Program:  You can be rewarded for your past leadership in another company and be appointed to a higher rank and commission level than that of an entry level stylist if you choose to join Park Lane Jewelry.  There is an interview process and a bonus to be earned for those who recommend new stylists for the Direct appoint program.

Travel Perks:  As a Park Lane Jewelry stylist, you have the ability to earn two trips per year.  I am currently working towards a trip to Dublin, Ireland.

Systematic Training:  I am part of the Treasure Tribe Team and we have a leader who has been with Park Lane Jewelry for 14 years.  Training for selling, booking parties and recruiting is step by step and if you follow it, it works!

As you can see, you cannot do better as a customer, a hostess or a stylist than you can with Park Lane.  I hope this posts helps you recognize all the benefits Park Lane Jewelry has to offer!

Partner with me and our Treasure Tribe Team today!

Keep Sparkling,
Krista Ziobrowski



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